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YEM was developed by the Unicorn Network for its use within UN's Network of companies and as a service to all other persons and companies who want to use it as a means of payment.

The YEM Foundation, however, is an independent non-profit foundation and is NOT involved in any business inside or outside the Unicorn Network.

Therefore, any forwarding links are for the sole purpose of providing information about places where YEM coins are accepted as means of payment.
All Rights reserved © 2017 - 2020 Rainbow Currency Foundation dba YEM FOUNDATION


Public Announcement 

30 July 2019


Rules and Regulations for Rainbow Currency



Dear Rainbow Currency Holders

The Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF) and the Board of Directors are honored to make the
following announcements to our very valued RC holders:

Rules of regulations for Rainbow Currency (RC) and its traded coin, the YEM.

The RC differs fundamentally from most crypto currencies in the following features:

  • It is fundamentally different, above all because it was NOT conceived and introduced as a

speculative object for currency trading or for fast day-trading, e.g. in forex trading.


  • It was created exclusively and only as a currency for the online and offline purchase and sale

of services and goods of all kinds. It is an object of exchange for real values and added value.


  • It is moved on a private, but publicly visible block chain. More information on the blockchain

is available here: www.twnklchain.com


  • It is supervised by a foundation, the Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF), whose 7 directors

were elected by the RC owners.

This monitoring involves protecting the currency and the currency holder from misappropriation,
which can lead to significant impairment of the original purpose, e.g. through huge price fluctuations
through massive trading by speculators, without creating real value, without trading services or

The RCF has adopted the following regulations, which will remain in force until, for reasons not yet
known, changes become necessary:

Every 7 days, Monday just before 12 pm New York time (EST in Summer or EDT in Winter) is
calculated how high the lowest trading price of the YEM was.

If the lowest trade price was at least 0.20% or more above the current minimum price for 7 days, a
new minimum price will be set at 12 noon p.m. in New York.

This new minimum price will then be 10% below the lowest YEM price last held for at least 7 days.
In purely mathematical terms, it takes at least 14 days until the minimum price can be adjusted.



A few calculation examples:

If from one Monday to the next but one the lowest price for the purchase of a YEM is USD 0.012, the
minimum price / safety net is raised to USD 0.0108 if it has been lower so far.


Another example:
If the minimum price is already USD 0.05 and the YEM has been sold for USD 0.055 YEM for 7 days,
the minimum price will not be increased.
However, if the YEM was sold at the same minimum price these 7 days for USD 0.08, we have a 60%
increase and the minimum price is raised to USD 0.072.


This new minimum price will remain in effect until another 7 days and a sales price at least 20%
higher has been achieved.





The Directors of the RCF, are looking forward to a very successful future for RC and we are sure
to offer a highly valuable contribution for the benefit of all of humanity and especially all RC holders
and users.

Your Board of Directors of the Rainbow Currency Foundation

Lora M. Bilger
Alon Basis
Dr. Emmanuel Nwachukwu
Martha Isabel Castaño Rodas
Ishaq Ali Khan
David Phillips
Bryan R. Sevrence



Public Announcement 

29 April 2019

Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF) is now listed as INGO in UIA (Union of International Associations) 56th Yearbook and will be a paid member.
UIA is associated with United Nations (UN , UNESCO and has consultative status.

For more and deeper information please visit this link and download our Brand New Newsletter: 






Public Announcement 

21 August 2018






For several reasons it was decided to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain.


We decided to change the trading symbol for Rainbow Currency on the TwnklChain to YEM.

YEM = Your Everyday Money



The name of our blockchain is still TwnklChain

The name of our currency is still Rainbow Currency

The names of our denominations are still Rainbow, Glitter, Twnkl, Dan



Board of Directors of the Rainbow Currency Foundation