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YEM was developed by the Unicorn Network for its use within UN's Network of companies and as a service to all other persons and companies who want to use it as a means of payment.

The YEM Foundation, however, is an independent non-profit foundation and is NOT involved in any business inside or outside the Unicorn Network.

Therefore, any forwarding links are for the sole purpose of providing information about places where YEM coins are accepted as means of payment.
All Rights reserved © 2017 - 2020 Rainbow Currency Foundation dba YEM FOUNDATION


YEM is traded on CryptoCoin.House and TwnklBuy.. 
Soon there will be another exchange, a project of the YEM FOUNDATION, 
providing all and very strict security conditions that are needed for any businesses linked to the SafeZone/Unicorn Network

Update Sept. 2019
Currently, YEM FOUNDATION is in the advanced process of developing the own exchange that will replace CCS.
The public will be educated and informed as soon as we are ready for going online.