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YEM was developed by the Unicorn Network for its use within UN's Network of companies and as a service to all other persons and companies who want to use it as a means of payment.

The YEM Foundation, however, is an independent non-profit foundation and is NOT involved in any business inside or outside the Unicorn Network.

Therefore, any forwarding links are for the sole purpose of providing information about places where YEM coins are accepted as means of payment.
All Rights reserved © 2017 - 2020 Rainbow Currency Foundation dba YEM FOUNDATION


Public Announcement 

15 August 2018


Switch from the public Ethereum blockchain to our very own, exclusive and private blockchain called TwnklChain on August 15th, 2018.


Dear Current and Future Rainbow Currency Holders!


Since the launch of our Rainbow Currency on the Ethereum blockchain, we realized that the public blockchains are not the right environment for our high-quality virtual currency.

Don’t get us wrong, the blockchain technology itself is safe and secure.

But obviously, the public blockchains are slow: a simple transaction can take up to several weeks.

The public blockchains are expensive: fees for a transaction can easily reach 10%, 20% or even more.

Public blockchains are too transparent: 100% transparency leads to a situation where everybody can see your full balances and every single transaction including receiver and amount.

It is like posting your bank statements on a social network.

Public blockchains are not convenient: public keys, private keys, flexible fees, different wallet systems, these are just a few hurdles for the daily usage.


The TwnklChain is the perfect solution for our Rainbow Currency.

Fast, cheap, secure transactions, maximum privacy, but no anonymity, no room for fraud, the right amount of transparency, in short words, the perfect environment for Your Everyday Money.


Information on where and how to make use of and profit from Rainbow Currency can be found at these websites:





Board of Directors of the Rainbow Currency Foundation